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view from atop Table Mountain
Cape Town, South Africa; Nov 8, 2004


A few days ago we went out to dinner and Susan had warthog ribs. It basically looked like what Fred Flintstone eats for dinner (sorry, we didn't bring the camera so you'll just have to take our word for it). Grace had some kind of antelope (we couldn’t really understand the word, even though we asked several times).

fake tourist bobotie

Yesterday we ate bobotie (or so we thought, see reader comment below) and snoek for lunch and bought a little package of biltong at a health food store. Bobotie is ground meat with spices mixed with yogurt and wrapped up like an omelette, all served over rice. Snoek is a kind of fish commonly served with an apricot jam. And Biltong is… well… we’re still not exactly sure. It seems to describe moist meat jerky of almost infinite varieties. The specific variety we bought is Kudu, yet another kind of buck/deer/antelope thing.

Today for lunch we stopped at a fast food joint called Flambo’s Mexican Cuisine. Susan couldn't pass up the chance to order a very non-African (nor Mexican) “Mexican Chicken Schwarma.” It was pretty good. Go figure.

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-- comments from readers --


Your image labelled "bobotie" looks nothing like it. Looks like fries ("chips") and fried eggs! Bobotie is a Cape Malay traditional dish. Currie meat loaf. Happy to provide recipe and scanned image from my cookbook if seriously interested.... Not worth it for someone of the vege pursuation, and come to think of it, may not be interesting enough a dish for us carnivores either! Bon voyage!

--Leonard E., Glascow, Scotland (but an ex-South African); Jan 28, 2005

Yikes! We were obviously served fake tourist bobotie! We'll re-label the photo immediately. There *was* a meatloaf-ish blob in the middle of that omelette thing, but honestly, we didn't think much of the version that we were served either.

--Grace & Susan; Jan 29, 2005